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A zoo in St Louis, has just replaced 4 triple glazed observation windows at a cost of $198,000 after one of the orangutans broke them.

It seems the guilty ape, named Rubih or ‘Rockin Rubih’ as she has been nicknamed by the keepers has habitually banged rocks against the windows to gain attention after her mother ejected Rubih from the nest.

The keepers trained Rubih to bring them the rocks instead and then rewarded her, but this plan failed as when the keepers weren’t around she continued to bang the glass. They are now training her to put the rocks in a tube instead and will reward her occasionally. Maybe a better plan would be to remove the rocks from the enclosure! £198,000 is a very expensive window replacement, if you are considering installing new energy efficient windows in Southampton give DTU Windows a call 01202 697662

Traditional Doors
After a wet and windy winter you may be fed up with your front door sticking and letting in the draughts. If you have resolved to replace your door it can be a bit of a minefield with so many factors to consider.

Front doors can set the tone for your property, adding style and character to your home, often the focal point of your property and probably the first thing people notice about your home. Investing in a new front door can be confusing and daunting as there is a lot to consider and a wide range of styles and materials available. References to U values (how effective your door is in preventing heat loss) and type of material gives consumers a wide choice of products and can be confusing.

If you are looking for an energy efficient door there is a choice of UPVC, composite, hardwood or timber doors. Developments in technology mean that composite doors can offer up to 6 times the insulation of a wooden door. The latest composite doors are designed to look like traditional doors but with the added advantages of superior insulation and better security. A modern composite door combines modern technology with traditional quality and design. Featuring a layer of thermal insulation for heat retention and a solid sub frame for strength makes a very energy efficient door which is resistant to twisting, cracking or warping and with a possible potential life span of up to 35 years. Doors come in all sizes, colours and designs from modern contemporary to traditional styles such as Edwardian, Georgian and Victorian. It is now possible to have a wood grain finish to give the impression of traditional stained timber, for more information visit Trade Doors Bournemouth.

One way to navigate all the options available within your budget is to speak to a specialist who can help you whittle down the best solution for your property.Deciding on the style of door and the type of material with which it is made are obviously major factors to take into account. Security is another aspect to consider. Many of the doors on the market come with secure locking systems which can help reduce your insurance premiums and the security of your home!

Add space and value to your home with one of our quality conservatories

If you're looking to add more space to your home, you may want to consider investing in a conservatory extension. Are you looking for an extra room to accommodate a dining table or do you simply want a light and airy garden room? Would you prefer a traditional style conservatory or do you have something more modern in mind? At DTU Trade Units, you'll find one of the widest ranges of conservatories in Bournemouth, so you can choose one which will both complement your existing property and meet your needs. Whether you decide to use it as an area for relaxation or an 'out of the way' place for your children's playroom, a conservatory is both an attractive and practical way to increase the floor space of your home.

Our conservatories are warm in winter and cool in summer

Whatever your preference, a well designed conservatory will not only give you that all important extra room in your home but, as a result of advancements in construction techniques and materials, you'll find that today's conservatories are warmer in winter and cooler in summer than their predecessors. No longer are they seen as a place to be used in summer months only, but they're suitable for use all year round.

Choosing the right size, design and style of conservatory for you

Should you require assistance with choosing the most appropriate conservatory for your particular needs, our expert planners have years of experience in designing conservatories, and are always on hand to offer advice. For example, one of the most popular choices is our 'Georgian' style which, because of its flat fronted style, offers spacious and usable floor space, while the 'lean to' style often appeals to homeowners looking for clean and modern lines.

Don't forget that we don't just supply conservatories to the local area, but we're also one of the leading suppliers of trade doors Poole has available, plus we offer some of the most competitive prices on trade windows in Southampton.