Rehau Windows

Trade Windows Southampton 2REHAU windows are manufactured by Euroglaze, with over thirty years of experience from one of the country’s top manufacturers of uPVC windows. DTU Trade Windows offer the full range of REHAU windows includes casement, tilt and turn and fully reversible styles, and REHAU profiles. Whatever the type of job, whatever the type of property, we have a style to suit your requirements.

Trade Windows Bournemouth 2The REHAU latest technology processes provide the best possible product quality control, which means very few products are rejected, all products and orders are supplied right first time and that dealing with Euroglaze is a stress-free experience.


REHAU have a huge commitment to security, their involvement in the commercial market has led them to develop a range of products that meet the gruelling ‘Secured by Design’ standards, which is an initiative developed by the Police. Using toughened screws, thicker gauge steel and edge reinforcements, these frames are super-sturdy and are significantly stronger than standard frames. Testing is carried out to withstand many Newton metres of force, making them tough and difficult to break and even the most persistent thief look for another target.

Fire Retardant

REHAU offer the RAUFERNO system which is designed to offer over thirty minutes protection from fire, and in an emergency situation this could literally mean the difference between life and death for occupants. REHAU windows are one of just a few manufacturers who build to this exacting standard.

A Rated Windows

All REHAU windows are tested and certified by CERTASS, all are fabricated with the correct specification glass so that they achieve the coveted “A” rating.

Window Locks

All REHAU windows utilise ‘Maco’ locks which are an industry leader in security and reliability. You can specify the Espagnolette lock or their world famous ‘Shootbolt locking system’ which will include Austenitic steel locks designed to cope with very harsh climatic and environmental conditions.

Liniar Windows

DTU supply Liniar PVCu windows as they are some of the most technically advanced in the market, designed to meet the highest possible energy rating standards , they are completely lead-free and fully recyclable.


Liniar windows are amongst some of the most secure windows available today, they are fully accredited to meet all security standards, including the police-backed ‘Secured By Design’ programme, for maximum safety in your home or business.

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Energy efficient Trade Windows Southampton

Liniar windows are truly thermal efficiency, with Liniar’s top of the range Energy Plus profile there is additional chambers to prevent cold air from outside getting into your property and is available across the whole Liniar range. There is a multitude of styles and a huge range of colours available, including White, Cream, Light-Oak and Irish Oak.or a range of bespoke colours there’s a Liniar window to suit every type of property, from traditional buildings to new build. Regardless of whether you need casement windows, French windows or tilt and turn, the Liniar Energy Plus range will have the perfect windows for you in Southampton and Hampshire.