Trade windows Southampton

Upgrading windows is often one of the most beneficial and cost-effective home renovation projects a homeowner can undertake. Installing new UPVC trade windows can dramatically improve the aesthetic and functionality of a property. Not only do these windows provide superior insulation, they also help reduce energy costs for homeowners while giving the interior of their home a modern, stylish look. UPVC stands for Unplasticized Polyvinyl Chloride, and it is an incredibly popular material used in window frames because of its superior durability and low maintenance requirements compared to other materials like wood or aluminum. UPVC trade windows come in a variety of sizes, colours, styles, and finishes so that homeowners can customize them to fit their individual preferences. In addition to being aesthetically pleasing, UPVC trade windows are also highly energy efficient due to their ability to keep cold air out and hot air in during the winter months. This helps homes stay warmer in the winter while saving on heating bills. Installing UPVC trade windows is not overly difficult but should be done by a professional installer like DTU trade windows, who understands how to measure correctly; how to make necessary adjustments; how to properly install weather stripping; and how to seal the window frame. This ensures that any gaps between the window frame and wall are sealed properly, preventing any potential drafts or moisture from entering the house. Professional installation will also guarantee that the windows are mounted securely so that they open and close properly without causing any damage over time. When shopping for UPVC trade windows, it’s important for homeowners to consider factors such as price range; quality of construction; features offered; noise reduction capabilities; security features like locks or reinforcements; glazing options like double-glazing or triple-glazing; availability of energy efficient ratings if required; warranty information; customer service support; delivery times; and installation options including labour rates. Ultimately, installing new UPVC trade windows will provide improved comfort levels within homes, as well as better security and privacy protection from external noise and criminal activity outside your property. Call us today for all your Trade windows in Southampton.


Sliding Patio doors in Poole

Sliding doors can be a great way to add style and convenience to any home. DTU Trade Windows can provide expert installation of these types of doors, ensuring that they are properly fitted and secure. Professional installation is essential to ensure that the sliding door will operate with ease, providing a safe and secure entryway while still being stylish.


The installation process begins with taking accurate measurements of the opening in which the door will be placed. Our installers have experience in determining the proper size of the door needed for each individual opening, taking into account additional factors such as insulation or weather stripping needs. Once all measurements have been taken, the installers will then order the appropriate sized door for your property.


Once received, DTU Trade Windows will carefully unpack and inspect the new sliding door for any damage or defects before beginning installation. The frame must first be mounted securely onto the wall or other surface before continuing with attaching hinges and tracks for operation. We also take extra care when mounting hardware onto surrounding walls or frames to prevent warping or shifting on impact from everyday use.


The finished product should be checked over thoroughly by both the customer and installer before being deemed complete: weatherproofing should be addressed at this point if necessary, as well as ensuring that all parts are properly operating and secured in place. DTU Trade Windows installations guarantee a secure fit while maintaining smooth operation, adding value and convenience to any property while enhancing its overall aesthetic appeal. Call today for a free quotation on all Sliding Patio doors in Poole.


Single VS Double Glazing!

If you have an older house that hasn’t been renovated yet, you may notice that the windows have single glazing. You may decide to keep the windows that already exist and to not bother changing them, but there are cons and pros to this. During the summer, only having single glazing can be beneficial, as heat will easily escape and keep the inside of your home cool. Single glazing is also cheaper to maintain and fit if it needs replacing due to the thinner material. However, during the winter, your house will be cold. It will not hold insulation well and the heat will simply disappear through the window. Although the thin sheet of glass is easier to fit, it is also delicate and can shatter quickly, which will make it easy for intruders to get in. Sound insulation wouldn’t exist, which isn’t ideal if you have a family and you live somewhere with sound pollution. Condensation will also be an issue, potentially causing mould.


On the other hand, double glazing has more pros than cons. You get the benefit of insulation, due to the small gap between the glass panels, making it harder for heat to travel through, therefore keeping the warmth in the interior. This will save money at the same time on energy bills. The double layer also makes it harder for anyone to break in and protects your family and home from danger. Sound insulation will also be a lot better, blocking out unwanted sound pollution. The only real cons of double glazing is the price, as the material and installation, call DTU today for all Double glazing and Trade Doors in Poole.


What You Need to Know About Fitting Trade Windows in the UK

If you’re a homeowner in the UK and you’re looking to upgrade your windows, you may be considering installing trade windows. Trade windows are a great option for anyone looking to optimize the insulation of their home, as they provide superior protection against heat loss and drafts. But what do you need to know before fitting trade windows? Let’s take a look.


Are Trade Windows Right For My Home?

The first thing you should consider is whether or not trade windows are right for your home. Trade windows come in a variety of sizes and styles, and it’s important to find the right fit for your needs. You’ll also want to consider the cost; trade windows tend to be more expensive than other window options, so you’ll want to make sure that they fit within your budget. Additionally, it’s important to factor in installation costs; depending on where you live, installation costs can vary significantly.


What Are the Benefits of Trade Windows?

Trade windows offer a number of benefits that other types of windows don’t provide. Because trade windows have airtight seals around them, they offer superior insulation compared to other window types; this means that your home is better insulated against drafts and heat loss. Furthermore, because of their airtight seals, trade windows can also reduce outside noise levels by up to 50%. This makes them an ideal choice for homeowners who live in noisy areas or near busy roads. Finally, trade windows can help improve the energy efficiency of your home by allowing more natural light into it during the day – reducing the need for electricity at night.


When it comes to fitting trade windows in the UK, there is plenty that homeowners need to consider beforehand. From ensuring that they are an appropriate fit for their home and budget to understanding all of their benefits – such as superior insulation and improved energy efficiency – there is much research involved when selecting new window options for one’s home. However, with thorough research and consideration, homeowners can ensure that they get exactly what they need from their new trade windows. Call today for prices on all Trade windows in Poole and Dorset.


Windows And The Winter

As it gets colder, it’s a good idea to consider new windows, particularly if your current ones are ageing. By replacing your windows with double glazed glass, it will cope more towards the elements, by keeping the warmth in and therefore saving money on energy bills.


Due to the nights getting darker, burglaries are more likely than in the summer. Getting new windows will improve security as they will be more robust. Adding security lights outside will also boost security, due to the outside being lit up and therefore more obvious, preventing trespassers. Getting new and improved windows can last for a long time, ensuring you will be able to enjoy the benefits that come with them. You will keep safe and warm during the colder months and boost the value to your home. New windows will also look nicer visually and you have the added bonus of saving money in the process. For the best deals on Trade windows in Bournemouth, call DTU trade windows now.


Conservatories Of The Past

Did you know that conservatories have been around for a long time? They first turned up in the 16th century, when the rich wanted to grow citrus fruits from other lands. By having a conservatory, they could grow oranges, lemons and limes in a practical and safe space, where they could flourish. Initially conservatories stood alone, made from  tone and glass. Eventually glass was considered the main material, but as time went by, particularly after the World War, conservatories weren’t produced as often. However, after the Second World War, the development of steel as a material became more favoured. Steel could be used to frame glass and was a cheaper alternative. Conservatories started to become a trend again, along with the development of the way people lived and the industry.


These days, a conservatory is a common addition to a house. Materials used are modern, making energy consumption more efficient, along with the thermal practicalities. Noise pollution will be reduced, along with glazing and security improving. Nowadays there is the option to have your own style and design, to keep it how you want it to be. In the 16th century they were just used for growing fruit, but nowadays you can use it for your own relaxing space. Call today for a free no obligation quotation for your new Conservatory in Poole or Southampton.


Why Should You Get Fire Glass?

If you have a gas fire but don’t want to use gas logs, then fire glass could be a great alternative. Fire glass is a tempered material that can endure high temperatures and therefore shouldn’t burn, melt or change colours. Due to being temperature resistant, it has a higher lifespan than other materials used, such as a wooden fire that will eventually burn out. Fire glass needs less fuel, therefore the energy efficiency is higher and more eco-friendly. Aesthetically it is nice to look at, having various choices in regards to the colour, shape or size. You can have a crystal or pebble look depending on what you want as a style.


Fire glass is better health wise, due to the lack of smoke or ashes. A wooden fire can potentially cause breathing problems like bronchitis and long term issues such as asthma. Maintenance for fire glass is simple, which is beneficial due to it needing to be clean for the visual aspect. It is also financially efficient, due to fire glass being able to give out much more heat without the need to replace it. Call us for Fire Glass and all Decorative Glass in Dorset.


Should You Choose Sash Windows?

If you want to invest in something, then sash windows can be highly beneficial, particularly if you’re a property owner who wants a sophisticated looking window with energy efficiency, with the ability to raise the value of your home and give it a popular period style look with character. Sash windows can be customised with a bespoke design with a variety of colours to fit your home with either single or double glazing, as well as being multi-functional and opening in several ways.


By fitting sash windows there will be an increase of security, lowering of air and noise pollution and a reduction of energy bills. It also has low maintenance, as well as being draught proof and easier to clean. So, if you’re going to invest in windows, sash windows are a popular choice. If you’re not sure what sort to get or what look to go for, contact us today for advice in getting an aesthetic new look for your home. Call us for Trade Sash windows in Poole and Bournemouth.


The Benefits Of Kitchen Splash Backs

One of the benefits of having splash backs fitted in your kitchen is that you can personalise them to your own taste, giving a new stunning visual addition to the existing interior design. However on a practical level, a common reason to get these in your kitchen is to defend the walls from mess. Tiles can be difficult to clean due to the gaps in between them, so having these splash backs makes them easier to look after. The material used is both water and bacteria resistant, which means any mess from food can be wiped up with no issues.


Splash backs are also resistant against the heat, due to being made with durable glass. These should be fitted behind the hobs to help defend the kitchen walls from splashes and hot food and oil. Due to the walls being protected, having these splash backs means clean up is low maintenance.


One great benefit is these splash backs have a long life span compared to the usual tiles, which generally will need re-grouting regularly. You will find financially it isn’t as pricey due to not needing grout or having to cut tiles, which overall can be expensive to fit. Splash backs can save you time and maintenance which will help to keep the price down and keep things cost efficient. Call us for all Decorative glass in Poole.


How Do You Know If You Need New Windows?

There are many advantages to having new windows. House value can increase, energy use can be lowered, they can help the air to circulate and they can take in sunlight. Their lifespan can last around 20 years, although it depends on how well maintained they are, as well as the type of frame that holds them and the weather. If the window can’t be repaired, then it needs replacing as soon as it can.


Sometimes a window can be decayed or distorted or the double glazing has an issue. This is when replacing them is your only choice. If you have a wooden frame, keeping them healthy can be difficult. Once they are mouldy or decayed, it’s hard to revert them back. You may find the window won’t open or shut properly. If the material gets hot, it can distort and change shape. Any problems with double glazing means it can crack and the temperature in your home can be uneven.


Insulation issues can cause pricey energy bills, due to the heat disappearing. This means your heating will be used more than usual, which is a waste both financially and energy wise. If you can’t open the windows properly, this is a big hazard, due to an emergency exit being blocked.


Other problems can be sound proofing issues, condensation, air drafts and water leaks. A main problem could be you just don’t have double glazing, which is why your house has temperature fluctuations depending on what time of the year it is. This can be a problem in older houses, but it can be solved by changing the windows. This will help to boost comfort and health, as well as being financially and energy saving. Call us for a free quote on all your Trade windows in Southampton and Poole.


The Benefits of Sliding Doors

Sliding doors are beneficial for their ability to save space. Hinged doors need space to be able to open outwards, but sliding doors can open sideways. This means they are perfect for rooms with less space. They can also be used for wardrobes and cupboards. The benefit of a sliding door is the bigger access point. It will be easier to carry bigger items to and from as there is no obstacle in the way.


By having glass sliding doors, they will let in more natural light. This will also make the room look larger with a fresh, spacious ambience, especially when they’re leading out on to a porch or your garden. The more natural light that comes through, the more energy efficient these new doors are, as you won’t need to turn the lights on until night time.


As well as being a useful new addition, they are more aesthetically pleasing. There are numerous types and looks to choose from, so if you want more advice, it is best to contact a professional. Call DTU today for a free quote on your new sliding doors in Poole.


Roof Lanterns And Their Advantages

Roof Lanterns can be a great investment, particularly as they have health benefits that are worth noting. Not only do they look good, but the natural light that comes through can help with depression and low moods, potentially caused by SAD (‘seasonal affective disorder’). Vitamin D is produced from the sun, which is needed to raise your immune system and help to fend off heart disease.


The natural light coming through means you can save money, as you won’t need to use your lighting as often. A roof lantern is efficient thermally, meaning it will allow your room to stay warmer in the cold months, and cooler in the heat. Therefore this is cost effective, as you will be saving money on energy bills.


A roof lantern will raise your house value, as it’ll make it more aesthetically pleasing to any potential buyers. It also helps that most roof lanterns have self cleaning properties, so they are low maintenance and made to last. They are strong and can take bad weather.


So with these advantages in mind, if you’re looking for something to spruce up your home that is both a feature and practical, If you are considering fitting a roof lantern in Poole or Bournemouth, call for a free quotation.


Grey is the new white

The colour choice for PVC-U windows and doors has traditionally been white or white! Although there has been an option to have a laminated wood effect to make the windows look more traditional.


The advances in spray finishes and laminate foils resulted in a choice of grey and black foils which make PVC-U windows look more like more expensive aluminum doors and windows, which have slimmer profiles.


“Laminate foils and spray finishes are opening up a whole new world of possibilities to make each PVC-U window installation as individual as the customer.” says Meg Durrell, Product Assistant, from REHAU.


The new colours are so popular that it is predicted that a whole range of new colour substrates will be appearing on the market in the near future.


Rehau windows and doors are available from DTU Trade Windows Southampton.


The Dangers of Dogs in Conservatories

With temperatures rising in the UK, The RSPCA are advising pet owners to be aware of the risks of leaving dogs shut in conservatories and cars for even as short as 5 minutes.


Dogs do not sweat the same way humans do and panting reduces in effectiveness in hotter temperatures. In just 5 minutes, with an outside temperature of just 20 degrees, the insides of cars and conservatories can reach heats of up to 45 degrees – life threatening for dogs.


The advice given is to leave dogs at home in hot weather with plenty of shady areas and water. If you see a dog at risk of heat stroke, the RSPCA advise you to dial 999 for the police to assist in rescuing the dog.


To see how hot a conservatory can be, visit DTU Trade Windows.


Make the most of Summer

Conservatories are a great place to bring the outdoors indoors, relax under sunny skies, and avoid pesky insect bites. After such a long and cold winter, make the most of the warm weather in Britain with a bright and open conservatory.


Try adding furniture designed for outdoor use to your conservatory for hard wearing and more importantly, fade resistant furniture. Glass topped coffee tables are a simple and clever way to bounce light around a room.


If you’ve got your heart set on adding a conservatory to your house but aren’t sure about space or style, give DTU Trade Windows a call and we can design a conservatory custom to you on the latest design software.


Bring the sunshine indoors in your south coast home with a Conservatory in Bournemouth from DTU Trade Windows.


Good quality windows and doors provide the best protection

If the Siberian winds we’ve been having are finding their way through your windows and doors, maybe now is the time to book an appointment with your local replacement window specialist.


Technology is ever changing and the latest range of windows and doors are designed to not only keep out the weather but also to secure your home against unwanted visitors.


There is now a huge range of styles, materials and designs to suit every type of property and budget. To be sure of quality make sure the company is a member of a respected trade association or Checkatrade. Please call us for Trade Conservatories in Bournemouth and Poole.


DTU Windows

A zoo in St Louis, has just replaced 4 triple glazed observation windows at a cost of $198,000 after one of the orangutans broke them.


It seems the guilty ape, named Rubih or ‘Rockin Rubih’ as she has been nicknamed by the keepers has habitually banged rocks against the windows to gain attention after her mother ejected Rubih from the nest.


The keepers trained Rubih to bring them the rocks instead and then rewarded her, but this plan failed as when the keepers weren’t around she continued to bang the glass. They are now training her to put the rocks in a tube instead and will reward her occasionally. Maybe a better plan would be to remove the rocks from the enclosure! £198,000 is a very expensive window replacement, if you are considering installing new energy efficient windows in Southampton give DTU Windows a call 01202 697662


Traditional Doors

After a wet and windy winter you may be fed up with your front door sticking and letting in the draughts. If you have resolved to replace your door it can be a bit of a minefield with so many factors to consider.


Front doors can set the tone for your property, adding style and character to your home, often the focal point of your property and probably the first thing people notice about your home. Investing in a new front door can be confusing and daunting as there is a lot to consider and a wide range of styles and materials available. References to U values (how effective your door is in preventing heat loss) and type of material gives consumers a wide choice of products and can be confusing.


If you are looking for an energy efficient door there is a choice of UPVC, composite, hardwood or timber doors. Developments in technology mean that composite doors can offer up to 6 times the insulation of a wooden door. The latest composite doors are designed to look like traditional doors but with the added advantages of superior insulation and better security. A modern composite door combines modern technology with traditional quality and design. Featuring a layer of thermal insulation for heat retention and a solid sub frame for strength makes a very energy efficient door which is resistant to twisting, cracking or warping and with a possible potential life span of up to 35 years. Doors come in all sizes, colours and designs from modern contemporary to traditional styles such as Edwardian, Georgian and Victorian. It is now possible to have a wood grain finish to give the impression of traditional stained timber, for more information visit Trade Doors Bournemouth.


One way to navigate all the options available within your budget is to speak to a specialist who can help you whittle down the best solution for your property.Deciding on the style of door and the type of material with which it is made are obviously major factors to take into account. Security is another aspect to consider. Many of the doors on the market come with secure locking systems which can help reduce your insurance premiums and the security of your home!


Add space and value to your home with one of our quality conservatories

If you’re looking to add more space to your home, you may want to consider investing in a conservatory extension. Are you looking for an extra room to accommodate a dining table or do you simply want a light and airy garden room? Would you prefer a traditional style conservatory or do you have something more modern in mind? At DTU Trade Units, you’ll find one of the widest ranges of conservatories in Bournemouth, so you can choose one which will both complement your existing property and meet your needs. Whether you decide to use it as an area for relaxation or an ‘out of the way’ place for your children’s playroom, a conservatory is both an attractive and practical way to increase the floor space of your home.


Our conservatories are warm in winter and cool in summer

Whatever your preference, a well designed conservatory will not only give you that all important extra room in your home but, as a result of advancements in construction techniques and materials, you’ll find that today’s conservatories are warmer in winter and cooler in summer than their predecessors. No longer are they seen as a place to be used in summer months only, but they’re suitable for use all year round.


Choosing the right size, design and style of conservatory for you

Should you require assistance with choosing the most appropriate conservatory for your particular needs, our expert planners have years of experience in designing conservatories, and are always on hand to offer advice. For example, one of the most popular choices is our ‘Georgian’ style which, because of its flat fronted style, offers spacious and usable floor space, while the ‘lean to’ style often appeals to homeowners looking for clean and modern lines.


Don’t forget that we don’t just supply conservatories to the local area, but we’re also one of the leading suppliers of trade doors Poole has available, plus we offer some of the most competitive prices on trade windows in Southampton.