Roof lanterns

Roof Lanterns

DTU Trade windows supply and install Roof lanterns manufactured by Ultrasky. If you are building a flat roof extension or an Orangery you are sure to create a sense of interior space and light by adding a Roof lantern.


Robust and efficient
Our Roof Lanterns are robust and are designed to withstand the toughest UK weather. The structural integrity of your roof will be underscored by outstanding heat retention, thanks to the thermally broken components which help reduce the risk of condensation. The Roof Lanterns have a triple layer storm shield and are tested to resist harsh weather.


Structurally sound
The Superior spanning performance of an Ultrasky Skylight means that fewer bars are required to support the glass, allowing the maximum possible amount of natural light to flow into the room. We can offer bespoke rectangular sizes from 1m x 1.5m up to 2m x 4m, with the apex at a 25-degree angle to maximise the light. The Ultrasky roof lantern allows you to tailor the exact size to fit your room and additionally, we can accommodate any of your design requirements.


Flat skylight
We also offer the new Ultrasky Flat Skylight which appears frameless from the inside due to its edge to edge glass design. This contemporary design brings more light into your home, giving you uninterrupted views of the sky. Suited to all property types, the Ultrasky Flat Skylight will complement any home or space, giving you natural light exactly where you need it. Perfect for a kitchen or dining room extension or rooms
where natural daylight is limited. In addition to an enhanced sense of light and space, you will also benefit from noise reducing glass and thermal efficiency from the fully insulated core for superior thermal performance.